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Holiday Cash 1.5

What is Holiday Cash?

Holiday cash is an easy- to-use app which enables that the administration and clearing for community cash of all kind can be handled quickly and easily.
Thereby it is unimportant if a holiday cash, a flat share cash, a cash for the next LAN party or simply the next pizza order should be managed. Every time when the expenses and costs of several persons should be distributed fair to all persons, holiday cash is your clever and quick assistant.


  • Administration and capture of all single expenses inside the expenses list.
  • Administration and capture of all involved persons.
  • Transfer of persons from your contacts.
  • Clearly display of all single items in the expenses list sorted by date plus display of the total amount.
  • Billing with the clearing function: All persons from the expenses list and the person list are included into calculation.
    Persons which only occurs in the person list but not in the expenses list have paid no money and will be included with an amount of zero into the calculation.
    The app calculates the average amount that every person should have paid and then splits the total amount righteous to all persons. Then a list is shown that explains which persons have to pay to other persons so that all have paid the same.
  • Budget warning: When the defined budget is exceeded, the total amount in the expenses list is colored in red.
  • Mail function: The clearing result can be sent with the mail button. Optionally the expenses list can be attached in Excel format.
  • English and german localization.

System requirements

You need an Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS Version 4.3 or higher or a smartphone with Android OS Version 2.2 or higher.



  • Holiday cash is written in HTML/CSS and Javascript and was generated and distributed with Apple XCode and Eclipse. Further information at and
  • Additional programming environment: Self developed editor FTLEdit for Mac OS X. See FTLEdit in the product area.
  • Holiday Cash is basend on some frameworks: jQuery, jQTouch and PhoneGap/Cordova for native app integration. Additional resources: jQuery Validation Plugin, moment.js., Mobiscroll and localstoragedb is used by Holiday Cash.

Questions or problems

Please don't hesitate to submit questions about Holiday Cash or to report any error or problem with the application. Simply send a mail to or use the contact form. I will reply to you as soon as possible and try to help you. Please understand that Holiday Cash is developed in my spare time so i can not guarantee for an immediate reaction.