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A sincere welcome at the software pages of Christian Hecht.

Here you solely can find some programs which was written by me. The Mac and Java software can be downloaded as shareware and can be tested without any restrictions in the test period. If you like a program, you can buy a license for it.

The smartphone apps are exclusive available in the appropriate app store.

At the moment there are six applications available: The newest ist FTLEdit 0.5b, a small texteditor.

The detailed product information and all other areas of this website you can reach via the navigation menu.

>> News - Last update: 04.11.2019

04.11.2019 +++ FTLEdit now available in version 0.5b with new functions +++

New functions:

  • Code structure view (Outline) for Javascript and Java code.
  • Bookmark view for quick navigation between code places. The set bookmarks are saved per file and are also available again after a program restart.

14.08.2018 +++ Android app Urlaubskasse now available in version 2.0 with extended functions +++

New functions:

  • A cash box balance can now be managed and direct settlements between people can be entered.
  • New expense types: Direct expense, cash box expense, cash box deposit, settlement.
  • Already entered entries now can be edited later: just tap on it.

18.05.2016 +++ SimpleMovieList now available in version 1.2 +++

New functions:

  • Full text search for arbitrary terms inside the local stored movies.
  • A tap onto the movie poster inside the detail view of a movie shows a bigger image.

25.02.2015 +++ SimpleMovieList now available in version 1.1 +++

New functions:

  • Backup function: The complete database can be exported into a backup file and re-imported later.
  • Context menu for deleting multiple entries inside a category list.


  • For movies with special characters in the names of cast or director the movie details cannot be shown. This is now fixed but the affected movies has to be deleted and added again.
  • Categories with german umlauts in its name can not be exported as HTML or PDF. This is now fixed.

>> News - Last update: 01.12.2014

01.12.2014 +++ SimpleMovieList 1.0 now available for Android +++

SimpleMovieList is now available for Android at the Google Play Store

>> News - Last update: 05.11.2014

05.11.2014 +++ New product: SimpleMovieList 1.0 for iPhone/iPad +++

SimpleMovieList is the second smartphone app from mortaxx Softworks.

With SimpleMovieList you can search for movies in an online database and store/manage them offline in different categories inside the app.

You can find the direct link to iTunes store inside the download area

All important informations about SimpleMovieList can be found in the product area

11.12.2013 +++ iPhone app Urlaubskasse now available in new version 1.4 +++


  • Adjustments for iOS 7
  • Localization of user interface plus date and amount values is now exclusive dependent from system setting "International -> Language".
  • Bug fix: The decimal separator in amount values is adjusted when switching the language. This corrects a crash in the clearing function.

26.08.2013 +++ iPhone app Urlaubskasse now available in new version 1.3 with english localization +++

The existing iPhone app Urlaubskasse has now been localized to english. The english version is now available at iTunes app store as Holiday Cash

Additionally a bug was fixed which make the button for deleting all persons disappear.

27.03.2012 +++ FTLEdit 0.2b released +++

FTLEdit has now another editor component (called JSyntaxPane) inside which has many built in features like find and replace, undo and some other.

The preview component for the browser preview has also been replaced. Instead of SWT now the WebSpec API from the Watij project is used.

Some minor errors with the file tree was fixed and now with the preferences button you can choose which encoding should be used when saving a file.

05.02.2011 +++ New software FTLEdit 0.1b available +++

After a longer break: New project FTLEdit 0.1b reaches the stable beta phase

FTLEdit is a source code editor for HTML files with syntax coloring and integrated browser preview in the standard system browser.

11.06.2009 +++ RecPointX 1.00 finished +++

After a longer beta phase: First final version of RecPointX is here.

New features in version 1.00:

  • The RecPointX Configurator can now mantain various different backup sets. With start scripts RecPointX can operate with the different backup sets.
  • RecPointX now includes an newer version (3.0.4) of rsync as the on shipped with Mac OS X (2.6.9). This increases the backup speed and the protocoll output.
    The modification date and time of files are now preserved correctly.

28.08.2008 +++ RecPointX 0.99b finished +++

RecPointX is a backup software for Mac OS X, based on the command line utility rsync. Full backups and inkremental backups based on an full backup are possible. The program can be configured with a few steps and can then be started automatically using iCal.

RecPointX is freeware and can be used without any functional or time limitations. Read more in the product sections for RecPointX.

12.04.2006 +++ Update to FlatFusion CMS V1.0.1 ready +++

Maintenance release for FlatFusion: V1.0.1 has new usefule features and fixes some critical errors. Below the list with improvements:

  • Bugfix: The menu was not inserted when the link from the main menu did not refer to a site which was also occuring in the according sub menu. This should be fixed now.
  • Bugfix: The detection of the active link did not always function correctly. To ensure this, the numbering of the menu items in the site structure file was changed a little bit, for more details read the users guide.Important: Old site structure files has to be changed to the new numbering in order to work with V1.0.1.
  • Bugfix: The end mark "*" now also works if space are behind this character.
  • Bugfix: More errors in the site structure are now detected and handled. More clear error messages are shown during the generation process.
  • New function: Links to other websites can now be included in the menu (see users guide).
  • New function: Instead ot the CODEINC tags there are now the tags CODEINC1 to CODEINC5. Different text for each tag can now be included (see users guide).
  • New function: Alternative text for the site title. Instead of the TITLE tag the new CODEINC tags can also be used in the site template (see users guide).

17.09.2005 +++ English part of website started - First final release of FlatFusion available +++

After six months of development the first final release of my Desktop Content Management System is available:

FlatFusion CMS V1.0.0

This website is completely generated with FlatFusion. You can find here all product informations about FlatFusion, downloads and other stuff you may need. Read about FlatFusion in the products sections, test it and hopefully you will enjoy it.

FTLEdit, Download bei heise